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Hey how’s it going?

I’m ok. I’m really sorry to interrupt right now. I know you must be super busy.

I’m just calling because I really need your help. I need you to come home right now. Is that possible?

Everything’s fine. There’s just a situation here and I really need your help and it can’t wait. Can you come home right now?

Ok. How long do you think it will take you to get here?

Oh my god. I seriously can’t thank you enough.

I really hope I didn’t ruin your night. If you’re with people please apologize for me. It’s just an emergency. Can you call me when you get here?

Ok. Thank you. See you in a few minutes.

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Give safety and peace of mind

Flare is the most advanced wearable safety bracelet that allows your loved ones to get out of unsafe situations with the push of a button.

What if you could get out of bad situations before they escalate?

Stay prepared with Flare, knowing you can discreetly call for help at any time.

How Flare works

  • Each bracelet pairs with our free iOS app

    Download the Get Flare app from the App Store and pair your bracelet via Bluetooth.

  • Press and hold to text your friends or family

    Your GPS location and a message will instantly be sent to 5 contacts. You are never alone with Flare.

  • Tap once to get an incoming call to leave

    Your excuse to exit before things escalate is a pre-recorded call that sounds real.

  • Connect with 911 (free and optional)

    Turn this feature on to send your GPS location and an alert to a dispatcher who will help you immediately.

Gift a safety bracelet

Help your loved ones feel in-control no matter the situation.


Driven by our own experiences and fed-up with a safety industry that blamed victims (telling us to hold back, be quiet, adjust our goals, avoid life), we set out to create a better discreet safety tool to serve as a stop-gap while real cultural change is made.

Our mission is simple: to put ourselves out of business and create a world where Flare isn’t needed.