What are the advantages of Flare?

Discretion matters when you find yourself in an uncomfortable, awkward, or dangerous situation with someone you know (or even in the rare case that it’s a stranger). We've talked to over 1,200 women about their experiences, and survivors of assault have told us that when they've found themselves in a bad situation they were afraid to let others know that they need help or wanted out because of embarrassment, fear of disrupting their social group or relationships, fear of jeopardizing their job or security, or fear of physical escalation by their attacker. Pulling out and using your phone to help yourself or alert others is not discrete.

On top of it being glaringly obvious that you're calling for backup, it takes too long to get to your phone in a situation when every second matters…and often someone with malicious intent will find ways to separate you from your phone. It takes more than a minute to find your phone, take it out, unlock it, close whatever is on your screen, call or text someone and get a response. You also need to be able to communicate with someone else about what’s happening, where you are, and what you need from them.

Flare is the most discreet solution available. No one will know you're wearing a device and no one will know when you've used it to send out a flare. And it only takes a second to activate. Flare helps you be proactive and have more control over your life so that you can live your life the way you choose.

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