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I’m ok. I’m really sorry to interrupt right now. I know you must be super busy.

I’m just calling because I really need your help. I need you to come home right now. Is that possible?

Everything’s fine. There’s just a situation here and I really need your help and it can’t wait. Can you come home right now?

Ok. How long do you think it will take you to get here?

Oh my god. I seriously can’t thank you enough.

I really hope I didn’t ruin your night. If you’re with people please apologize for me. It’s just an emergency. Can you call me when you get here?

Ok. Thank you. See you in a few minutes.

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How I'm Staying Motivated Right Now

by Meghan Fennessy

In theory, being home all day with seemingly no responsibilities seems like a dream come true, right? 

However, we do have responsibilities. Dealing with these responsibilities can be difficult for many people. 

We have a responsibility to our mental health. We have a responsibility to our physical health. Students have a responsibility for their learning and grades and those in the workforce have a responsibility to do their jobs.

So why does it feel so hard to get motivated right now?

With a seemingly endless amount of time, motivation to perform even simple daily tasks can seem as difficult as running a marathon.

You can’t sprint a marathon. Just as you can't sprint this challenging time of your life. 

We’re in this for the long haul right now, and staying motivated and organized can be a daily struggle. I have learned a few tips over the past few weeks that have helped me stay sane; here’s what’s working for me right now:

Working Out Consistently

Very few things make me feel better than working out, and creating a consistent work out schedule has helped me manage my time. Every day at 5 pm, my sister and I do one or two of Alexis Ren’s workouts on her youtube. These videos are only 8-11 minutes long, so there is not a large time commitment involved in this, but just these simple workouts make me feel better about myself.

Eating healthy

For me, it’s avocados. Despite what you may have heard, they aren’t actually "guilty pleasures" because they’re healthy, but I can’t get enough of them. Avocado toast, guacamole, you name it. Making little choices to eating healthier food makes you feel better, so find whatever works for you. Find something you love!

Having a designated work spot

Even something as simple as a kitchen table can work as a work spot. Any place other than your bed, because everybody knows how unproductive working from your bed can be. Find a desk, table, or even a floor area to work from and make it your work spot. This will help your mind focus and eliminate distractions.

Time Management

Google calendar is my lifesaver. I mean it. Being able to schedule in time to do work, work out, and when I have time for myself has been a huge help for me over the past few weeks. Color-coded in bright, happy colors to promote a positive attitude, using a calendar can help you use your time more effectively and stay motivated to do your work.

Keeping a positive attitude

It is so easy to let yourself think negative thoughts. Mental reminders to tell yourself that this situation is only temporary and you are staying safe by remaining home, have helped me through this time where it can be easy to let the boredom allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind.

Remember, we’re all in this together. There are better days ahead. You’ve got this!

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