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So, What’s It Like Being Single In College Post-Relationship?


Just like anything else in your college years, being single after having been in a committed relationship takes some getting used to. To go from having somebody to stay in with on Friday nights, to having to navigate the hectic college bar and party scene is a huge transition. 

The best advice I can give somebody?

Look on the bright side: you have so many new opportunities in front of you! New people to meet, new places to go, and new parts of life to explore!

My favorite part of senior year so far has been going out with my gal pals, which is something I truly missed out on while being in the wrong relationship. The most important takeaway from my most recent relationship is that boyfriends should not hold you back and make you feel ‘tied down’ by any means. It’s a huge misconception that having a significant other takes away from all the fun in your life. If that’s the case, then it’s simply the wrong relationship for you. Balance is key, ladies. Have your date nights, have your lazy nights in, but don’t ever let anybody stop you from being you.

If you’re having a tough time in this middle ground, as I do from time to time, embrace it! Don’t ever look at being single in college as a negative. There are so many fun things about being able to mingle, explore, and figure out your likes and dislikes through this complicated maze! If you’re longing to love again, it will happen when the time is right. Accept the present for what it is, and always remember that everything will be ok in the long run.

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