A new definition of safety.

Flare was born from personal experience and feedback from thousands of people.
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We take safety personally.

We all do thousands of different things every day to be more mindful of our safety — we may choose not to attend an event, pretend to be on the phone, or even make up special hand signals with friends. Safety is not one-size-fits-all, and that's why we started Flare to create better personal safety solutions based on real experiences.

Meet the Founders

Sara and Quinn are mission-driven entrepreneurs who believe that business has an important role to play in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. 

They met as classmates and quickly bonded over their shared experiences with sexual assault and the vision that everyone deserves the power and confidence to boldly live the life they choose.

We sought feedback from *literally* thousands of you

Flare wasn't just built by us, it was built by all of us together — from our stories, our hopes, and our resilience. And, it was tested in the real world with actual college students.

But we won't stop there — we've always listened and we plan to keep listening. Become a Founding Member to join us in this fight and share your input so we can make Flare better for everyone.

With your help, we developed a new definition of safety:

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Safety is seeing beyond stereotypes.

Based in real experiences and data.

Safety is agency.

It's about living our lives the way we choose and taking up space in a world that wants us to live small. It's not about fear, vulnerability, and the things we shouldn't we do.

Safety is personal.

There is no one solution for everyone. We believe in options because you know what's right for you in the moment. Whether that means using your voice or getting backup, always trust your gut.

Safety is collaborative.

It means working together and supporting each other because the responsibility is communal and requires multifaceted solutions. That is why we build coalitions and partnerships. 

Our Experts

Speaking of collaboration, we built a coalition of advisors, advocates, service providers, industry leaders and pioneers who are working with us to create better solutions and tackle this problem from multiple angles.

"Having been immersed in the female college space for over ten years, it's become clear to me that sexual assault is a problem that needs to be solved for in a way that will actually help women moment-to-moment in the situations they find themselves in. Flare's approach is fresh, unique, and actually practical for a group of women who need to be armed with the power to live their lives the way they want to while also being safe."

Stephanie Kaplan Lewis

CEO, Her Campus 

"While all humans should feel protected and respected at all times, we read daily how women, men and non-binary individuals are violated in multiple ways. This should never be the case. Until behaviors, policies and laws are changed to hold people accountable, we must stand up and do what we can. Flare takes up that charge. I join many survivors and allies in assuring that individual safety is a priority. Flare is making it known that respect is not a choice, it is a demand."

Deesha Dyer

Co-Founder and Executive Director, beGirl.world; Board Member, Sexuality Information and Educational Council of the United States

"I'm thrilled to work with the entrepreneurs of Flare, who are making the world safer for women, girls and all people. Flare is such an important piece of the puzzle to ensuring that everyone feels safe and confident in their surroundings, and that they can create the lives they choose for themselves. We need every tool in the toolbox to work to prevent sexual assaults across the country, and Flare is one of the most innovative, practical, useful tools I've seen."

Jordan Brooks

Managing Director, United State of Women