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Hey how’s it going?

I’m ok. I’m really sorry to interrupt right now. I know you must be super busy.

I’m just calling because I really need your help. I need you to come home right now. Is that possible?

Everything’s fine. There’s just a situation here and I really need your help and it can’t wait. Can you come home right now?

Ok. How long do you think it will take you to get here?

Oh my god. I seriously can’t thank you enough.

I really hope I didn’t ruin your night. If you’re with people please apologize for me. It’s just an emergency. Can you call me when you get here?

Ok. Thank you. See you in a few minutes.

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For us, safety is personal

As survivors, we built the product we wish we had when we needed it most.


Let's create a world where Flare isn't needed

Frankly safety products like Flare shouldn’t exist. Much like the Pink Tax, we also bear the burden of a Safety Tax: the physical, mental, emotional, and financial burden of protecting ourselves. It’s time we eliminate it. Flare is a product of this burden and that is why we are asking you to help us create a world where safety products like ours aren’t needed.

You can't talk about Flare without addressing how terrible it is that a product like this needs to exist. Quite frankly we hate that we are here. Our survivor stories are not at all unique and that is a huge problem.

Historically, safety companies perpetuated victim-blaming and claimed to “solve safety.” Telling us to hold back, be quiet, avoid events, adjust our goals. Giving us whistles and pepper spray, which often do more harm than good. That's incredibly damaging. The onus isn't on women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized communities.

We were tired, fed up, and angry. We started Flare to change the industry and offer a modern, practical tool built from personal experience. A tool for people to discreetly take control when needed.Flare is not a solution. We are a stop-gap for today while real change is made.

Our mission is simple: to put ourselves out of business and create a world where Flare is not needed. We are proud to support and work with amazing groups tackling this issue from multiple angles. Some of them are listed below. 

Safety isn't one-size-fits-all and we don't have “the answers.” We worked with thousands of people over 4 years to develop Flare and are committed to constant improvement, breaking down our own assumptions and privilege, and continuing to make our tools better until they're no longer needed.

The real problem is our culture and how it enables bad actors. We will not stand for it or allow them to prey on us. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but in the meantime we are a small team working tirelessly and an army of people who are prepared. #WearYourFlare


Flare Nomination Program

Nominate someone in need who cannot afford a Flare right now. While we work to offer more accessible options, every month we select up to 5 people in need to receive a free Flare.

Get out of unsafe & uncomfortable situations sooner with just the click of a button.

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Built by all of us, together

Our Flare ambassadors represent and help test Flare in the real world. We've always listened and we plan to keep listening, because when we support each other, we’re creating a better world for everyone.