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We're redesigning what safety looks like.

Built with feedback from thousands of students, and backed by industry-leading experts.

Safety is:

Seeing beyond stereotypes.

Flare offers customizable solutions for real life, based on proven data and personal experience.

Personal, not prescriptive.

Sometimes you want to use your voice, other times you’d rather keep it low key. Flare gives you options so you can decide what is right for you in the moment.

Acting with agency.

We're all about having a presence and owning it. Standing tall, not shrinking down. Living a life where we’re free to be ourselves — no asterisk.

A community-driven company.

Built from the ground up by people connecting, supporting each other, and sharing their stories. We celebrate each other’s work because that’s how change is made.

Our Mission

We fight to create a world where you don't have to make compromises for who you are, because we all deserve the power and confidence to boldly live the life we choose.

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Flare takes a smart approach to safety, recognizing that feeling safe means feeling empowered and confident wherever you go.

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Heather Samuelson

Flare's approach is fresh, unique, and actually practical. Sexual assault is a problem that needs to be solved for in a way that will actually help women moment-to-moment.

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Stephanie Kaplan Lewis
CEO, Her Campus

Until behaviors, policies and laws are changed to hold people accountable, we must stand up and do what we can. Flare takes up that charge.

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Deesha Dyer
Public Speaker; Executive Director,; Former White House Social Secretary

We need every tool in the toolbox to work to prevent sexual assaults across the country, and Flare is one of the most innovative, practical, useful tools I've seen.

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Jordan Brooks
Managing Director, United State of Women

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Built by all of us, together

Our Flare ambassadors are college students who test Flare in the real world. We've always listened and we plan to keep listening, because when we support each other, we’re creating a safer world for everyone. 


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