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Gloss Cuff
Gloss Cuff

Gloss Cuff

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A smart bracelet with a hidden button that gives low-key options for an easy out of an iffy situation.
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
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New bracelet every year

Hey, uh it's me do you have a second?

Okay, so, don't hate me, I know you're out right now, but I locked myself out...and I was wondering if you could bring me my spare key?

Yeah, it's actually kind of a situation here so are you able to come, like, right now?

Cool, and how long do you think you're gonna be until you get here?

Awesome, thank you so much, sorry if this is a buzzkill to your plans you had going on and stuff.

Thank you SO much, see ya!

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You’ve got options

Activate an easy way out of an uncomfortable situation by pressing the button on the side of your bracelet.

Press for a call

We’ll call you

Press the button once to receive an automated call that sounds like a real person who gives you an easy excuse to leave.


Hold for a friend ®

We’ll text your crew

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to send a group text to five pre-selected friends with your location asking them to call and check-in with you. 


Open quote


It enables me to do things I wouldn't otherwise do —I can leave behind feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

Closing quote
Northeastern University

“Because of Flare, I went out on 3 dates this month. I don’t think I would have without Flare.

Closing quote
Boston University

It worked like a charm! I used the fake call to get away from a guy at a bar who was getting a bit too close and I was separated from my friends.

Closing quote
Boston University


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