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Enjoy $15 off with code BACK2SCHOOL

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Hey how’s it going?

I’m ok. I’m really sorry to interrupt right now. I know you must be super busy.

I’m just calling because I really need your help. I need you to come home right now. Is that possible?

Everything’s fine. There’s just a situation here and I really need your help and it can’t wait. Can you come home right now?

Ok. How long do you think it will take you to get here?

Oh my god. I seriously can’t thank you enough.

I really hope I didn’t ruin your night. If you’re with people please apologize for me. It’s just an emergency. Can you call me when you get here?

Ok. Thank you. See you in a few minutes.

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Stay safe with Flare

With the touch of a button on your bracelet, you can trigger a fake phone call, text friends for help, send your GPS location, or contact 911. Three easy exit strategies that put you in control of the situation.

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  • Safety made simple

    Every aspect of Flare was designed to easily fit into your life. From our lightweight bracelets made with precious metals to our easy-to-use app. We want you to focus on living life on your own terms. Our best of class technology takes care of the rest.

  • For us, safety is personal

    As survivors, we built the product we wish we had when we needed it most. Every aspect of Flare was designed with an understanding for the nuances of how we experience safety every day. We know because it's built from personal experience.