Who is Flare for?

Read more about who we designed Flare for here.

When should I use my Flare bracelet?

Whether you’re questioning intentions, someone is getting too aggressive, or your “no” isn’t being listened to, Flare is about trusting your gut when you feel uncomfortable. It’s about taking action earlier in the moment, and not waiting for the situation to escalate. It’s up to each individual member to choose when and why to use Flare. Flare provides more options for you to get out of an iffy situation, but it is important for you to be mindful of all your options - including calling the police if the situation calls for escalation.

Do I need a phone to use Flare?

Your bracelet works with your mobile phone. You will need to download the Flare mobile app to use your bracelet. And your phone needs to be nearby, with cellular service enabled, location, and Bluetooth enabled.

Where do I download the Flare app?

Visit theApp Store and download the Get Flare app on your iPhone. An Android mobile app is coming soon!

Is Flare available on iOS and Android?

Right now our app is only available on iOS. But don’t worry, we are coming to Android soon! You can sign up here.

What devices can I connect my Flare to?

Right now the Flare mobile app is only available on the  App Store for iPhone (5s or newer).

Why does the Flare app require access to my location?

Based on how our bluetooth technology works, Flare needs access to your location in order for the phone to receive and understand the signal being sent from your bracelet. We also use your location so that we can share it with your Crew when you press an hold the button on your bracelet.

Why does the Flare app require permission to send me notifications?

Flare requires the ability to send you push notifications so that you can get a notification with a coded phrase that lets you know that a message has been sent out to your friends from the app.

Why does the Flare app require access to my contacts?

Flare requires access to your contacts so that we can send a message to the 5 friends that you choose in the app.

How do I connect Flare to my phone?

We use Bluetooth technology to communicate between your bracelet and the Flare app on your iPhone. The app does not need to be open on your phone in order for you to activate a feature. Simply download the Flare app, log in to connect your phone and follow the steps provided. 

If you change your phone number at any time, login to the app and update your phone number in your account.

Do I need my phone with me for Flare to work?

We use Bluetooth technology to communicate from your bracelet to the Flare app on your iPhone. Your bracelet needs to be within 10 feet (unobstructed) of your phone for the signal from your bracelet to reach your phone. The Bluetooth, location, and cellular service on your phone need to be turned on

Will Flare work internationally?

Yes! While Flare is currently only available for sale in the United States, it will work while you are traveling abroad, as long as your phone has cellular service. Please be aware that the Flare app and features will likely have a small delay while being used outside the United States. In addition, your phone must have Bluetooth and location enabled. If you travel and change your SIM, you'll need to update your phone number in your account. The 911 option is currently only available in the US.

What happens if I accidentally activate my Flare?

Countless hours of design work have gone into making sure our devices and buttons are not easy to accidentally activate. Accidental button presses are rare. The discreet button is placed where it would not normally be touched by your body or other objects and it requires some force to activate.  If you do accidentally hit the button once, you will get the usual automated phone call. No sweat – just answer the call or hang up.  If you accidentally press and hold the button, you can easily message your Crew to let them know that everything is okay. If you have enabled the 911 option, we will check-in with you before contacting first responders so you have an opportunity to cancel.

If I activate the phone call feature will anyone be contacted?

No. No one will be contacted if you active the phone call feature.

What number will Flare call me from?

Your calls and messages from Flare will come from the same number. Program the number in your phone by saving it in your contacts and add a secret coded name. This will help the phone call look and feel like a real person is calling you. Change up the name in contacts any time to match your chosen call script.

Will the call work if my phone is on silent/Do Not Disturb?

You can program your phone to ring anytime you get a phone call from Flare, even if your phone is on silent or do not disturb. On your iPhone, open the contact that you created for the Flare numbers. Click on Ringtone and toggle the Emergency Bypass switch to the on position.

Who do you text when I activate a message from my Flare?

In the Flare app, you can designate up to 5 contacts in your Crew to be notified if you press and hold the button on your bracelet for 3 seconds. They will receive a group text message that includes your location and asks them to reach out to you. Because it is a group text message, your contacts can text each other to coordinate. You can change the 5 contacts at any time in the app.

Do I need to charge my Flare bracelet?

No, you do not need to charge your Flare bracelet. Flare bracelets run for approximately a year and a half with regular usage. However, we replace your bracelet every year with your renewal so that you never have to worry about it running out of battery. After all, we tend to enjoy being on the safe side.

How do I know if Flare will fit my wrist?

Flare bracelets are one-size fits most. They are designed to be bent to your wrist shape the first time you put it on.

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