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Who is Flare for?

Flare is for anyone that wants to feel confident and in control, in any situation. Whether you want to have backup when you’re alone or be able to exit an iffy situation before things escalate, Flare is a simple way to take control, while also looking stylish.

In what kind of situations can Flare help?

100% of our customers report feeling more confident when they wear Flare. In new places and situations, when you’re walking alone at night, or a date goes too far, or your Uber driver gets awkward, or when you’ve had too much to drink, or a random person hits on you, or a stranger sits next to you on an empty bus... Pretty much any situation that feels uncomfortable when you want to be in control and not have to deal with it alone, that’s where Flare helps.

Why Flare instead of other safety products?

For years we’ve been given “solutions” - mostly designed by men decades ago - that don’t make sense. Pepper spray that may hurt you more than help you. Apps that are hard to find on your phone. Whistles and panic buttons!?! We believe in discreet solutions that get you out of iffy situations earlier, without making them worse.

How does Flare work?

If you feel uncomfortable, there are two subtle actions you can take to gain control and exit the situation, if needed. Simply hold down a small button on your bracelet to send your friends your GPS location so they can check on you. Or press the button once to trigger a fake call to your phone so you have a reason to leave. You can also include an alert to 911 with your location - turn this free and optional feature off or on anytime. 

How discreet is Flare?

With Flare, you can take action without drawing attention to yourself. It just looks like you are adjusting your bracelet. When you press the button on the bracelet, no sound is made and nothing out of the ordinary happens on your phone. 0% of Flare customers report others identifying Flare as a smart device. Flare just looks like cute jewelry!

Do I need my phone nearby for Flare to work?

As long as your phone is within ten feet of you and has service, Flare will work. You can adjust your settings for the Flare contact in your phone to bypass, so that it always rings even in silent or do not disturb modes.

What if I have a false alarm?

False alarms are 100% OK. If the situation works itself out, there is no harm in using Flare because it does not escalate situations and no one but you will know what’s happening. Unlike other “solutions” Flare puts you in control and helps you get out of there without creating more danger. So feel free to use Flare as much as you want!

If you have enabled 911, you will have a chance to stop the alert via text or call before emergency responders are contacted. Our partner’s advanced technology, analytics, and certified agents stop more than 99% of false alarms before contacting the nearest PSAP (Public-Safety Answering Point).

I have small wrists, will Flare fit me?

Flare bracelets fit 95% of wrist sizes. If you find that the size is not right for you, you can swap it for another style at no cost or get your money back with our 30-day money back guarantee. 

The metal cuff bracelets are bendable so that you can simply squeeze them for the perfect fit. We’ve conducted successful fit tests with a whole range of women’s wrist sizes. When you get the cuff the two ends will be open to 2.3” from each other, but you can adjust the gap to be about 2.1”- 2.7” wide. 

The beaded bracelets are strung on a stretchy band so it can stretch or contract to fit many wrist sizes as well.

What is the quality of the jewelry?

We designed Flare to be so stylish and high-quality that you would buy it even if it didn’t have any safety features. We have a variety of styles that fit almost every wrist size. Our cuffs are made of rose gold, 12K gold, or sterling silver plated brass with a protective coating. Our beaded bracelets are made of sterling silver or imitation gold plated brass with a protective coating. All Flare jewelry is nickel-free.

Will the bracelet withstand daily use and normal wear and tear?

Yes. The Flare bracelet has a protective coating on it to protect the bracelet from scratches and normal wear and tear.  Our engineers have tested the bracelet to ensure its durability, but we still recommend that you protect it like you would any other piece of jewelry or electronics.

Where is the button? How do you press it?

There is technology module with a button on the side that’s hidden underneath the bracelet.  The bracelet hides the technology so that no one notices it and shields the button so that it’s not easy to activate accidentally.

Do I have to recharge the battery?

No! To ensure Flare is easy to use and already ready to help, each bracelet comes with a battery you will never have to charge. Each battery lasts 1-2 years, depending on usage. 

What happens when the battery runs out?

We’ll email you before your battery runs out when it is time to purchase a discounted replacement bracelet for $89. You will have the option to pick a different style if you would like.

How much does Flare cost?

Each Flare bracelet is $129. No hidden or monthly fees. The battery lasts 1-2 years, depending on usage, and you can purchase a discounted replacement bracelet for just $89 - keep the same style or upgrade to a new one.

Is Flare water resistant?

Yes! You can wear Flare like any other jewelry and not worry if it gets a little wet. Rain or small splashes of water are fine, but please do not wear Flare in the shower, bath, or pool.

What number will Flare call me from?

When you receive a call or message from Flare, it will come from the same number. You can add this number to the contacts in your phone and give it any name you choose. This will help the phone call look and feel like a friend is calling you.

Can I pick the friends that I want to message?

In the Flare app, you can choose up to 5 friends to become members of your Crew.  Flare sends a message to those 5 friends in your Crew when you activate that feature.

What message is sent to my friends?

Your friends will get a text message that looks like the image below.
Once you have canceled your message, they will also get a notice that you’re ok.

Does Flare work internationally?

The Flare bracelet does work internationally. If you are outside of the United States, the Flare bracelet would be able to send text message alerts to your Crew informing them that you need backup and sharing your GPS location. And it will be able to initiate a pre-recorded phone call to help you get out of an iffy situation.

Please note that your phone must be connected to cellular data in order for the Flare bracelet to send out alerts or call you. And that contact 9-1-1 is only available in the United States.

Does Flare work with all mobile phones?

The Flare app works with all iPhones. Our Android app is coming soon. You can sign up for Android here.

How much control and customization do I have with Flare?

At Flare, our mission is to give you confidence and control in any situation. This extends to the control we give you over the Flare app. You get to select which friends to message, which recorded call you want to receive, or if you want to contact 911.

What is the inspiration behind Flare?

Driven by our own experiences and disappointed by outdated products, we were inspired to create Flare to keep you safe and spark cultural change. We believe that no one’s safety should be determined by who they are. Everyone deserves to feel confident and in control. That is why we offer stylish safety jewelry that discreetly allows you to exit an iffy situation before things escalate. All Flare products are designed and assembled by women in the USA.

How do I get help with my order?

If you need help with your existing order, please email or call 732-551-7167 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET.

How do I make a return?

*Free return window extended until January 10, 2021 for the Holidays.*

We offer a 30 day risk free guarantee, where you can return the bracelets undamaged, no questions asked, within the first 30 days after receiving them.

Email to start a return. Please include your order number.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call us at 732-551-7167 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET.

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