This is what safety looks like.

A stylish bracelet with a hidden button.

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Flare is technology disguised as a beautiful bracelet that easily and effortlessly fits into your life.


We've thrown out the stereotypes and designed Flare for the real world. 


Stay connected to your friends and contribute to a community changing how the world sees safety.

How Flare Works

Designed for the uncomfortable and unsafe situations that aren’t always black and white, Flare is subtle and easy to use. Just press a button for help getting out. No need to wait to see if the moment escalates.

Option 1

Press for a Call.

You'll get a recorded call from Flare's system, with a real voice that sounds like a friend who needs you. That's your excuse to leave any uncomfortable situation.

Option 2

Hold for a Friend.

Flare starts a group text with your pre-selected friends, telling them where you are, and asking them to call and check in.

Flare for Students

Are you a high school or college student? Join Flare as a student member and you'll save 15% on your membership!

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Why Flare?

Safety for all

We need innovative ways to promote safety; ways that don't detract from our personal lives. Everyone should feel safe. In today's world especially, safety for cis/transgender women and nonbinary persons should be emphasized everywhere.

Jamie Caines
College Student

Always have a way out

I’m too awkward to make excuses when I’m uncomfortable and I always worry that someone will try to take advantage of that someday. This product goes a long way to making people feel like they have a way to leave when they want to. That’s really important.

Alaya Ayala
College Student

Style and function

I love that Flare empowers its wearers to take charge of their own safety in a realistic manner without interrupting their daily lives. It can stylishly and discreetly be worn anytime and anywhere a need for it may arise!

Guadalupe Jacobson-Peregrino
College Student

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