Be ready for what you can’t control

Feel comfortable and confident no matter where you go or who you meet. Flare is your secret sidekick: an easy out, a backup plan, and your community all right on your wrist.

How it Works

When to wear Flare

When having a security blanket will make you feel just that much better. We all have had those moments.

Why is this person in my space?

Walking or riding home alone at night.

Can I feel safe dating again if my usual spots are closed?

Did they really just sit next to me on an empty bus?

How do I end this convo without seeming rude?

Is my driver taking a different route or is something sketchy happening?

Hey, uh it's me do you have a second?

Okay, so, don't hate me, I know you're out right now, but I locked myself out...and I was wondering if you could bring me my spare key?

Yeah, it's actually kind of a situation here so are you able to come, like, right now?

Cool, and how long do you think you're gonna be until you get here?

Awesome, thank you so much, sorry if this is a buzzkill to your plans you had going on and stuff.

Thank you SO much, see ya!

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Get a fake call

Press the button once to receive an automated call that sounds like a real person who gives you an easy excuse to leave. Choose between voices in the Flare app.


Text your crew

Press and hold the button to send a group text with your location to your pre-selected friends. 

Option to enable 911

Flare comes with the free option to connect to 911 dispatchers without having to pull out your phone.

Risk-free, hassle-free

No charging needed

No need to carry cables or worry that your Flare won’t work.

Matches your style

Flare doesn't have a distinct look, so no one can recognize it.

Fits any wrist

Adjustable to fit any wrist size comfortably.

Try it risk-free

If you don’t like it, return within 30 days for a full refund.

Built from data and experience

We built Flare alongside industry experts and thousands of testers to be a beautiful, discreet solution so that we can feel great and be prepared for all of life’s unscripted moments. 

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