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An easy out of potentially dangerous social scenarios.

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"Being able to instantly send someone your location is such a game-changer because I share my location with my friends, but they are not checking it all the time. It does not look ugly, or clunky, or bulky."

Made before the 911 feature.

Lea P.

"Flare is my backup, something that I always have on me, that can enable me to have agency over my own safety. The app can do a bunch of different things and was really easy to setup."
Made before the 911 feature. 

Kaila F.

"It's pretty flexible. You can really customize it to your [wrist] shape. It’s the little details that really make it for me."

Made before the 911 feature. 

Lupe J.

"Everyone, we have all been through a sketchy situation. This is the smartest thing. This is the best thing. You can’t even tell. You just put it on your wrist and click the button. WHAT. WOW."

Anatalia V.

"Flare is super subtle, and super pretty. You can dress it up if you are going out. I love the multiple features; lots of other products only do one thing." 
Made before the 911 feature. 

Emma C.

"The app is so convenient. The call sounds so realistic. You can text anybody. Please invest in this. This is an automatic friend. This is like a friend in a bracelet."

Made before the 911 feature and shows outdated pricing.

Gigi R.

"The point is to not be obvious about what you are doing."

"I can just press the button and know I will get a call."

A compilation of reviews from six of Flare's earliest users.

Stylish, yet functional.

Designed and assembled by women in the U.S.


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Flare takes a smart approach to safety, recognizing that feeling safe means feeling empowered and confident wherever you go.

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Heather Samuelson

Flare's approach is fresh, unique, and actually practical. Safety is a problem that needs to be solved for in a way that will actually help women moment-to-moment.

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Stephanie Kaplan Lewis
CEO, Her Campus

Until behaviors, policies and laws are changed to hold people accountable, we must stand up and do what we can. Flare takes up that charge.

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Deesha Dyer
Public Speaker; Executive Director,; Former White House Social Secretary

We need every tool in the toolbox to work to prevent sexual assaults across the country, and Flare is one of the most innovative, practical, useful tools I've seen.

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Jordan Brooks
Managing Director, United State of Women

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