Flare Bracelet
Flare Bracelet

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With a membership, you will receive a bracelet and access to our software platform via the Flare mobile app. The bracelet connects to your app via Bluetooth. Choose between several colors and styles to make Flare your own. As we add new features to the app, you will get first access to them.

One size fits most. Flare is bendable to fit your wrist. Bend it to the shape you want the first time you put it on.
Materials: Brass. Plated in either sterling silver, 12K gold, 24K gold, or rose gold.
Nickel free.
RoHS and REACH compliant.
FCC certified.

  • All new Flare bracelets may be returned within 30 days. Once the bracelet is returned, your membership will be canceled and fully refunded.
  • If the product you received has a manufacturing defect you will receive a replacement at no cost.
  • Replacements for any other reason (dropping, wear and tear, loss, contact with liquids, or damage due to neglect) are available for the price of a replacement bracelet.
  • Contact hello@getflare.com for further information.

The Deets

No Charging

No cables or charging ports. You’ll never have to charge your Flare or worry about the battery running out.

A New Bracelet Every Year

With your membership, you’ll receive a new bracelet every year. Pick a new style or stick with what you already love.


Flare can take a little splash from washing hands or working out, but don’t go swimming with her.

Why We Use Flare

Everyone can feel in control.

Safety exists for me when I have agency over where I go and what I do. This includes knowing that I can leave a situation or place whenever I want to, and I hope that in the future, everyone can feel in control over their situations. I also hope that people learn to recognize when others around them might be in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation and know when to intervene if needed.

Angela Kim, College Student

Safety means feeling comfortable.

To me, safety means feeling comfortable and at ease in a given situation, but it also means having the tools and resources to prevent or escape such uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. I think of safety as being prepared, too. In the future, I would love to see the conversation surrounding personal safety grow and become less of a taboo subject, especially when it comes to women's personal safety.

Lea Pensoy, College Student

Have More Questions?

We don’t blame you. Safety is not a simple topic. Ask away — we value asking questions at Flare, especially the tough ones. It’s how we started and how we got here.