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Designed for that gut feeling

You know yourself best. That’s why Flare gives you low-key options for leaving a situation the second you’re no longer feeling it. 

Hey, uh it's me do you have a second?

Okay, so, don't hate me, I know you're out right now, but I locked myself out...and I was wondering if you could bring me my spare key?

Yeah, it's actually kind of a situation here so are you able to come, like, right now?

Cool, and how long do you think you're gonna be until you get here?

Awesome, thank you so much, sorry if this is a buzzkill to your plans you had going on and stuff.

Thank you SO much, see ya!

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Get a fake call

Graphic of an incoming phone call from Flare with a decline and accept button.

Get a fake call

Press the button on the side of your bracelet once. You’ll get a recorded call that sounds like a friend who needs you. That’s your cue to leave. You can even choose and change up the caller’s voice, right from the Flare app.

Listen to a sample call

Text your crew

graphic of a group text message

Text your crew

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. We'll send your GPS location in a group text to your selected contacts, asking them to call and check in with you. Add up to five of your friends who you know have your back so you never have to feel alone.

Option to enable 911

Option to enable 911

Silently call for help from first responders to your GPS location at no additional cost. Turn it off and on anytime. Don't worry about false alarms. We stop more than 99% of false alarms by giving you a chance to cancel via text or call before we reach out.

Flare App Icon

Live life on your terms

Mood Ring Illustration
Pennant with the words "Brave Not Perfect" on it
Mood Ring Illustration
Pennant with the words "Brave Not Perfect" on it

We've been there

We've felt awkward, unsure, and uncomfortable too. That's why we made Flare.



Do I need my phone with me for Flare to work?

We use Bluetooth technology to communicate from your bracelet to the Flare app on your iPhone. Your bracelet needs to be within 5 feet (unobstructed) of your phone for the signal from your bracelet to reach your phone. The Bluetooth, location, and cellular service on your phone need to be turned on

Where do I download the Flare app?

Visit the App Store and download the Get Flare app on your iPhone. An Android mobile app is coming soon!

Do I need to charge my Flare bracelet?

No, you do not need to charge your Flare bracelet, the battery lasts a year or more!

Can I return Flare if I'm not satisfied?

Yes. All customers can return Flare at no risk for a full refund for 30 days, no questions asked. If you have additional questions regarding a return, please email us at

Enter your email and we'll let you know when our Android app is ready!