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85% of sexual assaults reported by college women happen with someone they know in a familiar place.

Designed for the Gray Zone

Safety isn't black and white. Often expectations can be misaligned, or communication breaks down. When something feels off, listen to your gut and use Flare's options to act earlier in the moment.

Option 1

Press for a Call

Need to exit gracefully without anyone around you knowing that you feel uncomfortable? Press the hidden button and you'll get an automated call.

There will be a recorded person on the other end that follows the narrative of your choice.

Option 2

Hold For A Friend

Flare starts a group text with your pre-selected friends, telling them where you are, and asking them to call and check in. They'll be able to coordinate with each other.

You'll get a pop-up notification with a coded reminder so you know your message went out.

When Do I Use Flare?

Whether you’re questioning intentions, someone is getting too aggressive, or your “no” isn’t being listened to, Flare is about trusting your gut when you feel that something just isn’t right.

It enables me to do things I wouldn't otherwise do.

I have the power, comfort, and ease of going and doing whatever I want and experiencing the things that I want without the hesitation of 'do I need a fallback plan?' I'm going to go to that networking event alone and I'm going to go on that date - because I'm able to sort of leave behind feeling comfortable or unsafe.  Flare helped me get over my insecurities.

Kaila, Northeastern University
Beta User

Because of Flare, I went out on 3 dates this month. I don’t think I would have without Flare.

Flare is so wonderful because it's so positive. I love that it just empowers women. Another problem that we, unfortunately, have in this world today is there's a lot of blame placed on women. So I just really appreciate the positive message that comes with Flare.

Lucy, Boston University
Beta User

It worked like a charm!

I used the fake call to get away from a guy at a bar who was getting a bit too close and I was separated from my friends.

Celine, Boston University
Beta User

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