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Our Technology

Step One

Pair with Flare

Download the Flare app and easily pair your bracelet via Bluetooth. You only have to connect once and you never have to charge the battery because it lasts 1-2 years and comes pre-charged.

Step Two

Choose who to contact

Sync the contacts in your phone with the Flare app so you can choose who will get your GPS location and a message when you need backup. You can also enable the 911 feature, which will connect you with 911 in an emergency. 

Step Three

Pick a pre-recorded call

If you need an excuse to leave any situation, we’ve got you covered. Hold down the hidden button on your bracelet to get a real sounding call to your phone. Choose from 10+ options.

That’s it!

You’re set up and ready to Flare!

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Designed with you in mind

Every aspect of Flare was designed for women, by women. From our lightweight bracelets made with precious metals to our easy-to-use app. We want you to focus on living life on your own terms. Our best of class technology takes care of the rest. 

Rigorously tested and inspected

Research and development is in our DNA. We test and inspect every Flare bracelet to make sure every component looks and works perfectly. 

Made with love in the USA

We manufacture every Flare bracelet close to home so we can be involved in each step of the process. Safety is personal to use, so we carefully design and assemble each bracelet as if we were going to wear that one. And we always have fun as we go!

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