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Finally a safety device my daughter wears every day. It's not in the junk drawer.

- Paula, Boston

A no brainer. Knowing my kid is never alone and can get out of situations early is priceless.

- Kim, Cleveland

I want to give my daughters every opportunity if they are in a bad situation.

- Jack, Miami

The perfect graduation gift for my niece going to college and living on a new campus.

- Jasmin, New York

This gives me peace of mind. My daughters both moved to different cities. I worry about them.

- Anna, Los Angeles

Always have a backup plan, in any situation

Trust your daughter, but not others around her? She doesn't have to go at it alone. She can discreetly get the help she needs with just the press of a button.

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Stylish safety bracelets

Designed to fit any wardrobe and wrist size. Smart, stylish, and safe in multiple styles.

App-solutely customizable

Our safety bracelet pairs with the free Flare app. Your loved one can easily customize their contact list and choose a pre-recorded call. Works with all iPhones.


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Get a fake call by pressing the button once

 They can exit before things escalate by getting a pre-recorded call that sounds real. It’s an excuse to leave. 

Text GPS location by holding down the button

Your loved one's location and a message to check-in will instantly be sent to 5 family members or trusted friends.

Connect with 911 (free optional feature)

They can turn on this feature to send GPS location and a message to a 911 dispatcher that will send help immediately. 

Flare can keep your loved ones safe in these situations…

Walking alone at night
New places & experiences
Social anxiety
Scary rideshare
Personal space invaders
Awkward/creepy conversations
Bad first date
Solo travel
Getting lost or being followed
Sexual pressure
Riding public transportation
Drinking too much

Please don’t wait to take action until it’s too late.

By women, for women

We know what it's like to be a young woman excited to navigate new social situations, but also unsure of what is safe and what isn't.
Disappointed by outdated products that can do more harm than good, we were inspired to create Flare to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and spark cultural change.

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